Firm History and Values

Olsen Design Group Architects, Inc. was founded in 1993 on the concept of providing the highest level of service to each and every client; this is still our number one priority today. Our firm was established as a corporation in Pennsylvania for the practice of architecture, interior design and planning and is licensed to practice in ten states. Lee C. Olsen, AIA is the principal owner of the firm; Larry W. Smith and Scott W. Weber are associate owners of the firm.

“Creatively design quality built environments that are socially responsible, ecologically sustainable and improve the human condition”

We do not impose preconceived design solutions onto our clients. Our design team will work closely with your staff to carefully define your project goals and pursue possible solutions that are mindful of your philosophy.

Teamwork is an
essential part of successful execution and completion of a project. We believe that the client must be a participant and not a bystander in the design process. We encourage the client to join us with a roll of sketch paper and pencil in hand to explore all of the relevant project issues.

Collectively, we pride ourselves on our high level of commitment to each project. We attend to every task and detail carefully, listening and responding to the concerns of all team members quickly. Our designs are functional, imaginative and make the best use of available technology without sacrificing cost effectiveness. As a testimonial, we have a high percentage of repeat and referral work from our clients.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of an enthusiastic staff. Facts and figures establish a program; enthusiasm generates the design and talent transforms those numbers into a reality. Our design consulting team will meet your challenges effectively, accurately, creatively, and enthusiastically. Together we can create a finished product of outstanding quality.

Architecture is a reflection of time and place. Our design team strives to design buildings that are individually exciting yet appropriately scaled, proportioned and respectful of their surroundings. Using this philosophy, Olsen Design Group Architects, coupled with their clients, are able to create designs with an enduring quality.


Olsen Design Group Architects’ design philosophy is based on the belief that successful architecture can only result from a close interaction between the client and the architect. Each commission brings with it new opportunities and challenges, and therefore demands a fresh approach that addresses the correct balance of functional, technical, economic and aesthetic factors to best suite the client’s needs. Using this philosophy, Olsen Design Group Architects is able to create designs with an enduring quality that reflect the client’s ideas and goals, for both the present and the future.

We believe that the quality of service is not an issue that can be taken lightly, and it requires an unconditional commitment. Providing this level of service involves an overall attitude toward service, from issues such as returning telephone calls in a timely manner to actively representing a client’s interests on the construction site.

Olsen Design Group Architects is a firm of qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to excellence and who understand the importance of each individual client. Our office location allows us to comfortably serve the geographical area of southeastern Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States. It also gives us the ability to be available for an impromptu meeting or site visit to resolve a situation as quickly as possible in order to best serve our clients.

We alone, as architects, cannot solve the challenges of our projects. We need the valued input of our consultants and our clients too! We always insist that clients provide team members to participate in the process… to roll up their sleeves, grab a marker and a roll of tracing paper and become an integral part of the decision making process.


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